Allow me to welcome you

This space was created to tell my story. Being right-brained means that I am a creator, do-er, and lover of all things beautiful! I wanted a place to share my thoughts and creations with you all, so here we are. On this site, you will find most of work (both professional and personal) as well as a journal where I'll share my life updates and thoughts that may or may not be too deep for the internet. You never know what you're going to find here, but that's what makes it fun! If you're interested in working together (or maybe you just want to introduce yourself), please say hello! I look forward to knowing you.

Photography & Editing

I've photographed bloggers, seniors, newborns, products, and nature. See some of my favorite photo sessions by clocking here.

Design Projects

Click on over to see some of my favorite projects! Categories include: print work, logo design, and social graphics.